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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I have been reflecting a lot on my journey these past 3 years. Where I do see a light at the end of the tunnel I am a still months away from graduating. I have started seeing clients at a super reduced rate in order to get cases for my case studies. In true homeopathy fashion I have seen miraculous cures, cases that leave me feeling completely stumped, and all of the cases in between . Where there is no question that this is the path that I belong on, and trust me I have asked for a million different signs and received them, I am still working on my own spin, my own style of practice. Where homeopathy is very clinical there is also a profoundly deep and mystical element. It is energy medicine after all. So I am working on how I can bridge the gap. How can someone come to me to help heal a sore throat, and at the same time experience and understand the magic of the medicine, the homeopathic remedy and the soul medicine?

I am finding my way with it all, and I am excited to explore all of the possibilities, and I am MOST excited to some day be referred to as someone's family homeopath.

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