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Gather the Roots
A Holistic & Restorative Retreat for Women

Welcome To The First Ever Overnight Retreat In Our Area!

This powerful retreat is centered around allowing the pause of life to happen. A moment where women can come together to rest, learn and reconnect back to themselves.


In the woods of Chenoweth Trails in the Western part of Darke County, Ohio, women will come together for the first time in ceremony and in kinship. We set down our to-do lists to immerse ourselves in nature, to learn new skills and knowledge, and to begin the journey of deep inner healing.


This is a weekend retreat, and where there will be limited commuter passes available, it is highly encouraged that all participants spend the night if they are able to. We will open the container of the weekend ceremoniously, and we will end it just the same. There is something deeply powerful when women come together. Plus your ability to truly receive the relaxation benefits of the weekend depend greatly on your ability to “let go” and be present in the here and now. We understand that for many life must go on and a commuter option is what works best for you. With that being said we are selling limited commuter passes, please read below for more information regarding commuters.

Below you will find a daily schedule with times allocated for the entire day, but rest assured this weekend is about REST! If your soul and body are telling you to skip all of the classes, and go for a 5 hour hike into the woods, or to sleep your day away then you have all of the freedom to do so. This is for YOU, and you only. So follow the schedule as you see fit. Come to whatever classes speak to you. Make this your own personal retreat.

If you feel the call, the silent whisper, close your eyes, let your head rest on a bed of moss, let your nostrils fill with the smell of fire, and your hands feel the rhythm of the sacred head of a drum. Listen, sing, rest my sister, rest. 


Weekend Schedule

Friday August 9th:

4:30-5:30pm- Check-in (4:30pm for regular ticket holders, 5:00pm for commuters)

5:45-6:45pm- Dinner 

7:00-7:30pm- Opening Ceremony

7:45-8:45pm- Sound Bath Meditation with Michelle Hickman and Ty Bauman

9:00pm- 9:45pm- Intro to Earth Based Spirituality with Emily Jasenski

Saturday August 10th:

7:00-8:00am- Yoga and Singing Bowl Meditation with Ty Bauman & Michelle Hickman

8:15am- 9:15am- Breakfast

9:30-10:30am- Backyard Body Oils With Katie Bensmen

10:45-11:45am- The Power of Immunity- Exploring Vaccinations with Emily Jasenski

12:00-1:00pm- Lunch

1:15-2:15pm- Restoryative Somatics with Amy Chavez

2:30-3:30pm- Wild Plant Walk with Katie Bensmen

3:45-4:45pm- Free time 

5:00-6:00pm- The Power of the Pause (Menopause) with Amy Chavez

6:15-7:15pm- Dinner

7:30-9:30pm- Fire and Drum Circle with Cheryl and Angel 

Sunday August 11th

7:00-7:45am- Tai Chi and forest meditation with Emily Jasenski

8:00-8:45am- Breakfast

9:00-10:00am- Sounds True Workshop with Watercolor and Sound Meditation with Michelle Hickman 

10:15-11:00am- Unfolding: A Workshop About Letting Go with Savana Shaltry

11:10-11:30am- Closing ceremony

*Website descriptions of each class located under the classes tab

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Accommodations & Lodging 

Option1: There are 2 yurts on the grounds at Chenoweth Trail. In the Yurt there are 6 bunk beds, which is a total of 12 beds. There is also room and room on the floor for 4 twin blow up mattresses. In total there are 24 bunkbeds, and 8 floor options for sleeping in the yurts, so in total they sleep 32. The Yurts do have air conditioning.









Option 2: There is also space for 8 camping tents, in which you will bring all of your own camping supplies plus tent.

Option 3: Camper/RV camping in the parking lot- Note: there will be no water or electric hook-up

*All of those sleeping on site will have access to the bathrooms and showers.

*When you purchase your ticket online please specify your desired type of lodging, whether it be Yurt (top or bottom bunk preference), blow up mattress on the floor of the yurt, tent camping, or camper/RV camping in the parking lot.

*Remember, this is all first come first serve. You will receive an email after purchasing your ticket confirming your lodging request. If we are unable to accommodate your first preference due to those options already being taken we will then contact you to discuss a second option. 

*Due to our lack of handicap accessibility regarding lodging, it is recommended that if you have physical limitations that inhibit your ability to sleep comfortably in a bunkbed, on the floor or tent camping, please consider purchasing our commuter passes. Please also note that this includes the use of CPAP machines, or issues with heat. The yurts are air conditioned, and do have electric capabilities to plug in things such as iPhones but due to the full nature of the yurts with people sleeping on the floor, and peoples overnight bags there will not be room for a lot of extras. Please consider this when you are purchasing your tickets.


Nutritious Meals











There will be a total of 5 meals + snacks provided to all ticket holders. The meals will be catered by the local and amazing Roots Restaurant and Catering. This husband and wife team owned by Darby and Amanda Livingston truly care about the quality of food that we consume, and the world in which we live. They pride themselves on offering nutrient dense foods free of chemicals and additives.


**Please note that if you have dietary restrictions or allergies those must be noted in the notes section on the purchase page. Roots will do their best to accommodate your requests. 

For meal times please see the tentative schedule above. 


Amenities & Activities 

A big focus of this weekend is to allow you the time and space to relax and let go. We want you to have the opportunity to attend a workshop if you would like or to take a hike in the woods, shop the vendors, go back to the yurt and nap or participate in many of our other activities and amenities. Here are other, non scheduled activities that you are welcome to aprticipate in at any time...

  • Swimming in the pond

  • Hiking in the woods

  • Red Tent- a quiet, peaceful space for relaxation

  • Body workers- reiki, massage, sound healing (these sessions are not included in your ticket price- you must schedule and pay the practitioner directly and on the day of the event











Purchasing Tickets


**Please note! This retreat is for women 18 and over. Children are note permitted unless they are babies and can be carried by mom. Due to the limited space that we have for yurt camping we require those who do bring babies to either tent camp or stay in an rv/camper in the parking lot.


We only have the following available...

27 tickets that include yurt sleeping

8 tickets that include camping spots 

20 Commuter tickets


$230- Early Bird Price- (registered by June 30th)

$260- Regular Price- (registered after June 30th)

$180- Commuter Price (coming for the weekend, but leaving every evening)




What you get with Early Bird Or Regular Pricing:

*Access to ALL workshops, classes and amenities on the schedule

*Sleeping accommodations in the Yurt or camping 

*Access to the showers 

*All catered meals while at the conference 



What you get with Commuter Pricing:

*Access to all of the classes, workshops and amenities on the schedule

*Meals while you are at the conference

Commuters: Those of you who would like to attend the full weekend, but are not able to spend the night should purchase a Commuter ticket. The cost is $180. We are NOT offering day passes, so even if you are unable to attend all 3 days the only option for you is purchase the one ticket for commuters at $180. In purchasing a Commuter ticket you are letting us know that you will NOT be sleeping on the premiss and you will be returning home every evening.


We are only offering 20 total commuter tickets. Why you ask? Because the container that we are holding is sacred, and we do not want to overwhelm that container with a lot of ladies coming and going.

What about a wait list? We will have a wait list, and we encourage all those who cannot attend last minute to alert us, so that we can open that space for someone else on the wait list. 


Refunds: There will be NO refunds nor rain checks. This retreat will happen regardless of the weather unless it is deemed unsafe (aka tornados all weekend). So you will be highly encouraged to dress for ALL weather. In the event that there is stormy weather, aka tornados we will have adequate safety measures in place.

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