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Emily Jasenski Homeopathy


Homeopathy is safe and effect natural medicine that can help a variety of issues both physical, mental and emotional. Emily will take her time asking you a series of questions so she can better understand your current chief complaint.


In homeopathy symptoms are the guide to the right remedy. Once the right remedy has been chosen then you will be instructed on where/how to purchase, which an be done easily, even on Amazon. If you already have the remedy then great! No purchase necessary.

You will then be given detailed instructions on how and when to take the remedy. Your practitioner will check in on you within over a period of time to see how the remedy is working with your current issue.

Homeopathy is a gentle and effective way to help with concerns for all people, including children and even pets. 


Homeopathic medicines are among the safest known: non-allergenic, non-toxic, free of side effects and have no known drug interactions due to the low dose that is used.  They are prepared from herbal, mineral and animal substances and made in accordance with the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and regulated by the FDA.


Homeopathic remedies act curatively and preventively by raising your general level of health by strengthening your own internal defense mechanism or immune system. The science behind how homeopathy works is based on the crystalline structure changes that can occur in water due to sucussion of homeopathic substance in water as part of the dilution process.


New Client Consultation $85


Established Client Rates

Phone Consult $25

In-Person $35

*For Both Chronic & Acute Cases

*Each Session Includes a

Post-Session Follow Up Call


  1. Schedule a Session: Please use the "Schedule a Session" button to schedule your appointment. You will need to pre-pay for your appointment in order to get on the schedule. Please make sure to read the return policy below should you need to cancel.

  2. Acute issues (lasting no longer than 3 weeks): Appointments will be 30 minutes. If Emily needs additional time to locate the right remedy for your situation she may ask that she send you your suggested remedy and healing plan via email or text within 24 hours of the original phone call.

  3. Chronic issues (lasting longer than 3 weeks): A 1 hour appointment would be necessary. If Emily needs additional time to locate the right remedy for your situation she may need to send your suggested remedy and healing plan via email or textwithin 24 hours of the original phone call.

  4. Free Follow Up Call: For Both Acute or Chronic conditions Emily will do a free follow up 20 min phone call. For Acute she will contact you within 24-48 hours and for Chronic she will contact you within 30 days. For any additional time beyond. that and you will need to schedule an appointment.

Emily Jasenski Homeopathy


Should you need to cancel your appointment you will need to do so within 24 hours of your scheduled time via phone call, text or email. If you do so in this time frame Emily will happily reschedule you for another time. We do NOT issue refunds so please make sure you are able to attend or reschedule your appointment. If you need to reschedule a few times due to schedule conflicts we understand, but if rescheduling happens on a regular basis Emily may choose to address the issue with you, which may result in the dismissal of your case until further notice.


Emily Jasenski is not currently a Certified Homeopath, but a Homeopath in training (see above for projected graduation date). Homeopathy carries little to no side effects or contraindications but a Physician should still be notified if you are under their care, or currently taking medications of any kind. Emily is not a doctor or medical practitioner of any kind, and in utilizing any or all of her services you do so with this understanding, and with the agreement that you in no way hold her liable for your mental, physical or emotional health.

Samual Hahnemann image - Emily Jasenski - Homeopathy


Samual Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a German Physician and founder of Homeopathy. The word Homeopathy means,“homoios” in Greek means similar, and “pathos” means suffering.

It was through Samuals journey as a Physician, and his disdain for the current style of medicine of the times  that he developed this system of medicine and principals in treating like cures like. Hahnemann believed that what can cause certain ailments in others, can in small doses cure them. Historically speaking he isn't the first person to come up with that notion, as the Doctrine of Signatures (like things in nature cure like things in the body) was previously described by such known names as Hippocrates. 

Homeopathy has historically been successful across the globe for over 200 years.In Austria people used microdoses during the cholera epidemic of 1831. Statistics show that those with cholera who tried homeopathy had a mortality rate between 2.4 to 21.1%; whereas over 50% of those with cholera under conventional medical care died. 

Probably the most important reason that homeopathy developed such immense popularity was its success in treating the various infectious epidemic diseases that raged throughout America and Europe during the 1800s. Statistics indicate that the death rates in homeopathic hospitals from these epidemics were often one-half to as little as one-eighth those in orthodox medical hospitals.

Cincinnati Homeopaths were so successful in treating people during the 1849 cholera epidemic that homeopaths published a daily list of their patients in the newspaper, giving names and addresses of those who were cured and those who died. Only 3% of the 1,116 homeopathic patients died, while between 48-60% of those under orthodox medical treatment died. 

Homeopathy continues to be a beautiful and powerful healing asset across the globe. It is especially popular in India, Canada, Europe and Mexico.

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