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A Homeopathic Option To Build Immunity

What is it?

Homeoprophylaxsis are highly diluted substances that are prepared in a way that encourages increased immune function and supports the body without any toxic chemicals or byproducts

How has it helped?

There have been numerous studies done on the effectiveness of HP over the past 20 years. There are documented cases involving Polio, Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis, Diphtheria, Small Pox, and Pertussis to name a few, all of which cases saw incredible results (aka prevention/ reduction in cases) with HP

Who is it for?

Anyone can utilize Homeoprophylaxsis, but it is primarily for infants and children, as well as those who are traveling to areas of the world that may contain infectious disease.

How does it work?

Schedule a FREE consult with Certified Homeopath Emily J to discuss the program in depth. The child's HP program covers all of the childhood diseases that are currently administered at standard wellness checks in Ohio. 

Why Homeoprophylaxsis?

Are you a parent, or soon-to-be parent and you are concerned with the toxins and side effects that are found with the current shot schedule at your child's wellness visits? With HP you can be worry free.

Is it expensive?

This program is designed to boost your child's immune system by introducing their bodies to a highly diluted form of a virus. This is an investment into health. With that said, no, HP is not expensive. To discuss the cost please schedule a FREE consult. 


Contact Emily to schedule your FREE HP consult! 

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