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Homeopathic Treatment For Migraines

Migraines, which are severe, often debilitating headaches, have their roots in many different systems and areas of the body. For example, are they related to sinus issues? Digestive issues? Food allergies? Dental problems? Structural and muscular issues? Hormones? The list goes on and on. Often times it is tricky to figure out why or what the root issue is. I honestly don’t know much about the allopathic diagnosis beyond the typical (CT scan or MRI) or treatment (pain meds), but I am certain a pain clinic of some kind take things further in depth, but who really wants to go to pain clinic? Maybe there is another way? Let’s explore…

The first thing that I would recommend to someone with migraines is a thermal scan. Let’s check those sinuses, blood flow in the head, potential nerve issues, lymphatic flow, and potential hidden dental issues. If the results showed major sinus issues, we could still approach the pain and symptoms themselves homeopathically. So yes, we care about diagnosis in homeopathy, but in the end we are going to focus on the actual physical symptoms not so much the diagnosis because the symptoms are how the body is actually trying to communicate…its time to really listen!

In homeopathy everything about your migraine symptoms matter, for example are you nauseous while experiencing them? What makes your migraines worse or better? What tends to bring them on? Lack of sleep? Stress? Weather change? Are you sensitive to light or smells? In homeopathy we dig very deep to find the right remedy to fit your picture.

Due to the nature of the way that homeopathy works there is not one remedy to fit every single person and symptom. In other words, homeopathy doesn’t work like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Can it remove pain? Absolutely, but the goal is to lift the migraine out of the system permanently, so that they never again return. With that being said here are some really common remedies used for migraines….

  1. Belladonna- Best indicated for  migraines with intense pain and that have a sense of fullness with them, and sensitivity to light and sound.

  2. Bryonia- This remedy is best indicated for migraines when the symptoms are better lying down, worse with any motion. The pain starts over one eye and spreads throughout the head. Pain is described as “splitting.”

  3. Gelsemium- Headache around the base of the head and also around the eye, typically brought on by stress.

  4. Ignatia- This remedy is best for those who are emotional in nature, and headaches brought on by grief. Pain is described as “as if a nail is driving into my head”. Sometimes twitching and excessive yawning are also symptoms.

  5. Nat Mur- Headaches from emotional upsets, worse too much sun, or the start of a menstrual cycle. Pain is described as “a million hammers hammering on the head.”

Please note that there is no harm in trying a homeopathic remedy that fits one of the above descriptions. However, it is important to seek the guidance of a Homeopath when dealing with any chronic issues (aka anything lasting longer than 3 weeks). If you suffer from migraine and don’t see any of your symptoms listed above under one of the 5 remedies, please remember that there are a wide range of remedies for migraines, so note that homeopathy is here should you need it.


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