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Are You Concerned About Va**inating your Kids?

The first time I took by baby (now 17 years old) to the Pediatrician for his first well child check I had no idea that he would be getting va**inations. I was a new mom, and no one talked to me about this process. That day he received a shot in each thigh, and I will never forget calling my husband on the way home to tell him that something happened in that Doctors office that never should have. Here's the catch, I didn't have any reason to feel this way. My son did fine with his va**ations. He never had a fever or a reaction. I just knew, deep in my bones, that what happened, that those shots, were not meant for our kids and our family.


So for the last 17 years I have dove into research. I listened to doctors who were willing to speak up. I talked to parents of va**ine injured children. I read books and watched documentaries, all of which confirmed my inner knowing, and that was that va**inations were not meant for us.


I wish that I could say that because of this great inner knowing that I quit va**inating right then and there, but I didn't. I felt bullied by our local pediatrician, who always spoke to me in a very smug, condescending way regarding va**ines. He was ok if we spaced them out, which we did. He was ok skipping the boosters as they go older, which we did, but the turning point came when I brought our second son in for his Kindergarten well check. I was told half way through the appointment that if he did not receive his kindergarten boosters that we were no longer allowed to be part of the practice. Let me just say that this was the only pediatrician office in our small town, which left me feeling very limited. I panicked, so I let them give him the shot. I was so angry after the appointment that I contacted the office manager to alert her of how this all made me feel. I explained how I should have been notified prior to this appointment that these were the new office policies. On that day I declared that my kids would never again be coerced into getting a medical procedures that we did not feel right about.


So years later I foundd myself pregnant with our third child. A planned home birth gave us the space to do as we wished, and to have all of those wishes honored. With two school aged children, and an infant born in December I knew that I wanted to boost her immunity in a way that would give her body a chance to come into contact with these childhood illness, but that would allow her to move through those illnesses with ease. You see, childhood illnesses, for most children, are not bad, and research shows that we end up with a stronger system because of them. Heck, our bodies are made up of millions of viruses and bacteria. Let's be real though, Pertussis in a baby or small child is scary. So one day I was listening to a podcast where a Homeopath was explaining Homeoprophylaxis, and I was hooked! I immediately ordered the kit and started my baby on it right away. I even dosed my two older kids so that they could have their immunity strengthened.


Homeoprophylaxis will energetically introduce your immune system to the energetic imprint of the virus, thus should you become into contact with the virus the hopes are that your body will recognize it and be able to sail through the illness with greater ease and comfort. It in no way guarantees that you will not get the disease, but neither does our current strands of va**inations. Homeoprophylaxis boosts overall vitality, it does not impede it. If you are looking for a more solid immunity towards childhood viruses then I highly recommend going with the regular va**ine schedule, and pls note that there is no shame in that game. I truly believe it is a very individualized decision. Homeoprophylaxis is simply a different approach, and is best for those who are seeking just that.


There are thousands of studies done on the benefit and success of homeoprophylaxis. If you are a parent, or a person concerned about the potential side effects of the current va**ine schedule please reach out. I am offering a FREE 15 minute info call regarding my NEW Homeoprophylaxis program!


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