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Grounding & Earthing: How It Helped My Son's Anxiety

There is no question, I am an earth loving human. The energy that I get from being barefoot on the earth is like no other. It's spiritual for me. It is like with each step I am returning back to myself, a familiar energy that brings me back to an inner rhythm that can only be done through the barefoot/earth connection.

I am not the only one. The barefoot movement has been huge these past many years, and thus barefoot shoe companies such as Earth Runners, and many others have graced the market with their incredible products. I seriously could not live without my Earth Runners . It really is phenomenal to learn about how shoes affect our health and our energy. To understand how the direct disconnect from the earth effects us as whole is rather profound. I love to watch documentaries about tribes in Africa, or other remote places in the world who still live so closely to the land. If you look closely none of them are wearing shoes, and if they are the shoes are very minimal.

We have raised our kids to be shoeless, barefoot wildlings. Our babies never ever wore shoes, only socks in the winter. When they were old enough to walk we opted for soft soled shoes to help with their connection, and the formation of their feet. Now our teenagers are into very expensive foot coffins (as movement expert Katie Bowman once called them), and I don't lecture them. This is where they are in life, and I totally understand. I had many years where I wore high heels and shoes that killed my feet.

Knowing how important grounding/earthing is, and knowing that our teens are into wearing foot coffins every day one might have thought that I would have considered a grounding mat for our oldest. Liam, age 17, has been struggling with anxiety the majority of his life and trust me when I say that we tried everything. We tired yoga, meditation, mantras, therapy, homeopathic remedies, herbs, Bach flower remedies and more. The only thing he was adamant about not trying was medications, and this was his decision. I cannot tell you the hours that we spent with him, often the wee hours of the morning, as we held space for him as he processed these anxieties. In some cases his anxiety was debilitating and forced him to miss school, miss sleep, and feel very detached from the rest of the world. As a parent, and one who has had their own fair share of anxiety, it was so difficult to watch.

Knowing that Liam always felt deeply connected to the earth, was the first one to throw of his shoes when we got home from school, and always wanted to go outside and either walk or lay down on the earth when he was in the middle of an anxiety attack, we finally wised up and got him a grounding mat. I never knew exactly which one to get, and honestly, I doubted that they even worked. Well, after much research I landed on aa mat that I felt was a good price point, aka if it didn't work then I wouldn't feel guilty about getting rid of it. Well, it worked, and so much so that I am ordering one for every person in our house.

Check out the video below where Liam shares his own personal experience with the mat. If you would like to try it here is a link to purchase and receive 20% Off your order. Make sure to use the affiliate code GROUND24 at checkout to get your discount.

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