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Our Journey With Preventative Shots

This kid turns 18 today, and 18 years ago I took this kid to his first pediatrician check up after he was born. He was maybe a month old. I was interested in holistic medicine at the time, but I was just beginning my journey. I knew virtually nothing really about what to expect at a babies first office visit. The pediatrician came into the room, gave Liam a thorough look-over and then told me he would be receiving his first round of shots. Again, I knew nothing so I agreed. He received the shots and I left. While in the elevator I had this overwhelming feeling that washed over me like a wave. It was intense, and it was definitely beyond me. The message was clear. I immediately called my husband at work and told him that whatever happened in that office regarding the shots shouldn't have. The funny thing was is that Liam never had a reaction of any kind, in fact he sailed right through it without even really a fever. So I really questioned this feeling in the years to follow, but I still followed those instincts and I started studying the history of this subject (I am choosing my words selectively for obvious reasons). It was a worm hole that I have been down for the past 18 years, and honestly it was one of the main reasons why I started studying alternative medicine. With that being said here we are, 18 years later, and I am still on the same path. Our kids change us in so many ways, and becoming a mother really made me start to question and to step outside of the box. Stepping out of the status quo gave me the knowledge and strength to not only listen to my inner voice, but to trust it. Today I am grateful to Liam for coming into our world, and showing us that we are the best advocate for ourselves and especially our children.

If you have felt that nudge, that question about whether or not shots are best for you and your family please consider joining me for an informational class on this subject Thursday, 25th from 7-9:00pm via zoom. This class will be recorded if you are unable to join us live. Here we will address….

*Exactly how the immune system works

*The history of childhood vaccinations

*A different perspective on childhood illnesses

*An alternative vaccine schedule based on the work of Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas

*Alternatives to vaccinations such as Homeoprophylaxis

*How to be your best health advocate

*How allopathic medicine and natural medicine can work together

Cost: $40 Early Bird Discount

Cost: $50 After July 10th

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