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Sex & Menstruation

It is always helpful, as a Holistic Practitioner, to share the knowledge that I have obtained in all of my years of study. Though I do take clients with all types of health conditions, I would say that a good part of my practice is women, and those suffering from female related issues. Today we are going to dive into the health and wellness of the female reproductive organs in relationship to sex and menstruation.

Most people enjoy sex, and some may go as far to say that they find it erotic to have sex while on their period, or with a partner that is menstruating. While this mind sound tempting it is wise to take note of the ancient healing systems and how they felt on this matter. In the Yogic tradition, for example, it was considered an unwise thing to do due to the natural flow of energy, or Prana. Prana has a fluid motion throughout the body. It moves up, down, in, out and side to side. When a woman is menstruating the nature flow of energy is downward, hence the fact that blood moves down and out of the vagina. It therefore is not only not wise, but can be damaging to the reproductive organs if something enters the vagina (hence a penis or other appendages) and pushes upwards when the natural flow is downward.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine they also have very similar views energetically speaking, but there is also a certain level of cleansing that is happening within the menstruation process. Vaginal blood is and the act of menstruation helps to clean the lower Dantian, or lower energy channels, as well as the uterus itself. When you bring something into that area, let's say a penis, while the body is working on cleansing it can really mess with the flow of energy and open the door to infection.

From a religious standpoint menstruation has been viewed as unclean and dirty, and therefore women have been considered "off limits" during their menstruation time. In the Hassidic Jewish communities women are required to take a ritual bath known as a Mikveh, which cleanses their bodies and souls after the "dirty" act of menstruation. Where this might sound dark and insulting (it somewhat is) I can't help but wonder if it was simply a very narrow view, or explanation, of what was happening energetically. Women tend to be low energy during this time, with hormones estrogen and progesterone low, and rest is imperative during this time as it helps them to restore for the weeks ahead. Where hormones might be high for some, and therefore invite thoughts of sexual desire, it might be wise to listen to the teachers and healers of the past and refrain until after menstruation has stopped completely. So hands off for a week. Rest. Relax. Meditate.


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