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Treating Strep With Homeopathy

The strep bacteria is presenting itself rather intensely this year, and proving to be very non reactive to the typical allopathic treatment such as amoxicillin. Children are showing an increase in the phenomenon known as Pandas, or Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep. This is a huge problem, as this means that the immune system is attacking the neurological system instead of the virus. Children with Pandas often experience serious mood swings, odd behaviors, tics and other symptoms. So what in the heck is going on with strep?? What happened to getting strep, taking some meds and recovering with relative ease?

Panadas was first defined in 1998, but most definitely has been around for longer than that. It is said to be rare, 4 per 3,200 children a year suffer from the disease, but I am certain there are many children that go undiagnosed. So what is happening? Why is strep so intense? One might argue that the overuse of antibiotics may be a huge culprit, but antibiotics aren't prescribed at all like they used to in the 1980s and 1990s. Are the current children suffering from intense strep infections due to being the offspring of those of us who did receive a lot of antibiotics as children? I think that theory holds merit. It is hard to not look at the past 4 years since the pandemic and not wonder what has happened to our collective immune systems with the introduction of Covid-19, and the variations of the viruses that have followed. For our young children, whose immune systems were receiving their first initial downloads from their environment during the pandemic and beyond, I believe that they are struggling with the current viral load the most.

Seasoned viruses like influenza, gastroenteritis, and yes even strep seem to be in hyperdrive as they take over their pediatric host with great enthusiasm. This is causing a ripple effect in how well the body can over come the next virus in its path. It is overall exhausting, and finding parents at the doctor month after month, sometimes week after week. So what can be done about these super bugs? How can we support these young immune systems so that they can combat the new language of viruses that they face almost daily?

Homeopathy offers a viable solution for the simple fact that it doesn't take away from the viral expereince. We need exposure. We need viruses, and yes we even need something as narley and out of control as the strep virus. Our eco system are made up of viruses and bacteria. When we take an allopathic medication we are simply removing symptoms, but we aren't actually removing the virus from our system. What we want is the imprint of the virus to remain, as this imprint is what trains the body to combat the virus again in the future. What we don't want is a virus that remains dormant, quiet and unyielding when our immune system is low only to attack again. Homeopathy supports the body to uplift the virus out of the system, leaving behind only the imprint but not the residual.

I am curious that with the already altered immune systems of our youth due to the Covid-19 infections, coupled with antibiotic use that wipes out the Microbiome, and with unrelenting vaccines that this is allowing the immune systems to short circuit, thus getting confused and beginning to attacking itself resulting in things such as Pandas. I suspect that in the years to come viruses are only going to get stronger, and immune systems further bombarded by internal and external toxins that the immune system will not have much of a fighting chance unless we support it from a different angle, and I believe that angle is homeopathy.

Dealing with something as complex as Pandas requires a skilled homeopath, and even dealing with a simple strep infection is best done under the care of a Homeopath. However it is wise to have homeopathic remedies on hand to begin treatment at the onset of symptoms. So here are some homeopathic remedies that are great for strep infections...

Hepar Sulph- Where tonsils have pus points in strep throat infection cases, Hepar Sulph is the most appropriate choice among Homeopathy medicines for strep throat. A plug-like or splinter-like sensation is felt in the throat. Along with this,a loose, rattling cough may arise.

Streptoccoccinum- It is recommended in acute as well as chronic strep throat infections. This medicine is capable of breaking the chain of recurrent strep throat infection by strengthening the immune system of persons who are susceptible. The classic symptoms calling for use of Streptococcinum in strep throat are red, swollen throat with painful, inflamed tonsils and swollen, enlarged nodes in the neck.

Merc Sol- In cases where the throat is very sore and raw, and pain from the throat extends to the ear, Merc Sol is the most useful among medicines for strep throat.Bad breath is another noticeable symptom for prescription of Merc Sol as the best among medicines for strep throat.

Belladonna- Best indicated where there are highly inflamed, swollen, red tonsils. Throat is very dry with a high intense fever. Swallowing food and drinks is very painful. Headaches are often accompanying the above symptoms.

Aresenicum- This remedy is indicated in sore throats where the throat feels constricted, with a burning sensation on attempting to swallow, often accompanied by nausea.  The key things that distinguish this remedy from others in acute sore throat, is that symptoms are relieved by warmth (warm food or drinks, or warm wraps), and the person is typically very thirsty, wanting frequent small sips.


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