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Welcome to October

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Ohio. It can be a mix of warm weather, or cold and rainy. Lately it has been incredibly warm, which I am savoring. When you try to live very close to the rhythms of nature it is easy to feel as sense of loss in October, a sense of helplessness in a way. Like hanging onto long, warm summer days is futile.I have been feeling this in a big way lately, especially with the most recent full moon. Today feels lighter, and I am doing what I normally do to realign my energy. I practiced Qigong, I am drinking structured water, I took a walk outside and I am taking a moment to connect to the earth through my barefoot practice. What else can be done during this time to keep us grounded, and to prevent us from feeling like we will be swept away in the blustery dryness that is Fall? Let's dive right in...

  1. According to Chinese Medicine Fall is a time to get out your scarves. Where it certainly hasn't been cool enough where I live lately, the drop in temperature is right around the corner. TCM believes that cold enters through the back and the neck, so it isimprotant to protect those vulnerable areas. It is also wise to keep your head and feet warm as well as energy both enters and exits out through these areas. It is best to keep these energy portals open and extreme temps can alter that. If that seems a bit to woo woo for you, consider circulation. If your feet are really cold most likely your circulation isn't great. It is one and the same. So button up, and cover the vulnerable areas when you are out and about in cold weather.

  2. Decorate your home around the time of the Autumn Equinox. Allow your creativity to be fluid as you adorn your home in the current season, which is a marking of time on the wheel of the year. You can go all halloween if you so desire, but I invite you to allow some Fall nature into your home, like with pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks. These are traditions that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, so there is a special energy to it.

  3. Get outside! Prepare your body for this season by exposing it to the Fall light/amount of sunlight. You can only do this by getting outside every day rain or shine.

  4. Eat in season veggies & fruits- this is going to be tomatoes, beets, turnips, kale, pumpkins, carrots, apples. Warm stews and soups are best on cold days. On warmer days cooler foods, but try to stay in alignment with what is in season.

  5. Homeopathic Remedies for Fall- Phosphorus (dry coughs), Kali Bic (for chest congestion that is super thick), Aconite (quick onset of a cold or flu), Belladonna (headaches associated with allergies & also high fevers)

  6. Move your body according to the seasons. Fall is not the most ideal time to start a hardcore workout regimen. Keep exercise light like walking, yoga, light jogging, Qigong. Begin resting more.

  7. Go to bed earlier. Sleep. Start a project that is internal rather than external. Turn away from media and turn into books. Light candles. Bake bread. Enjoy this season with turning inward.

*Disclaimer: Homeopathic remedies mentioned above are not intended to treat or cure an illness or disease. Please see your licensed medical for all health related concerns. Homeopathic remedies have many uses and it is best to observe the full symptom picture to indicate which remedy is best for each person and each situation.


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