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Welcoming the Moon

Group 1- Ages 9-11 Group 2- Ages 12-14

I have had a dream of creating a sacred container for young girls where they can come to share, grow and learn about their beautiful bodies. This dream is finally coming true!

This class will eventually move into two different levels, but for now I will be starting everyone off at the same level as the first level is in preparation for the second. One foot at a time. In this beginners workshop series we will cover the following... *the historical and cultural elements of the menstrual cycle (what do other girls do around the world to celebrate this coming of age) *we will discuss the basic biological and anatomical elements of a menstrual cycle (i.e. proper terminology, what is happening inside the body prior to and first menstruation, and how to manage these changes) *we will over the physical, mental and emotional aspects of these changes and how to manage them *they will all be honored as either having recently started their cycle, or just beginning the journey into the Maiden phase of life through celebration

Within this sacred container girls will be taught how to old space (truly listen without judgment), integrity of the container (what is said within the container stays, other than with parents), and how to properly navigate the journey ahead with knowledge and skills.

Each parent will be give an outline prior to via email of what is to be covered in each class.Each parent will also be given a follow up email of each meeting on what was discussed.

Dates: Sundays November 06, 13 and 20th

Ages: 9-11 3:00-4:30pm

Ages 12-14 5:00-6:30pm

Cost: Sliding fee of $0-$65- pay what you can, or come for free

My qualifications: I am Homeopath in training (graduation date expected January 2023), a Certified Red Tent Womens Facilitator, a retired Birth Doula and I have a Level 1 training in Natural Family Planning.

To register your daughter please email

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