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The Flu: Through the Lens of Homeopathy

It is that time of year again, and it is time to gather up our reinforcements to prepare for the depths of winter (especially for those of us in the northern hemisphere). This means making sure that we are getting plenty of hydration, vitamin D, sunshine when we can get it, fresh air, sleep, nourishing foods, and of course, homeopathic remedies when needed. Regardless of how hard we try, in part due to living in a modern world, many of us will encounter the dreaded flu, or Influenza. This is not to be mistaken for a stomach virus, or gastroenteritis, which is often referred to as "the flu". These are two separate viruses, both of which can wreak their own kind of havoc.. For this article we will be discussing the virus influenza, which I will refer to as "the flu".

So let's look at the flu virus through the lens of Homeopathy. Have you ever wondered why there are years that you get the flu and some that you don't? There can be many factors as to why this is, but in the end it all boils down to immunity, or how well your immune system is working. Unless you are isolated from the public/people, then no matter the case you are being exposed to germs every day, and if you have kids who attend school then your germ exposure is ten fold. Yet there are years when the flu might never enter your home, and/or if it does you, or some of your family don't get it. Why is this the case?

Your immune system is a powerful force, and since the flu virus replicates and changes from year to year it is hard to say whether or not your immune system recognizes the current virus and is already immune. In most cases, if you did not get it and yet you were exposed it is because of your immune system having the ability to fight it off. This is where homoepathy shines, let me explain....

If you are getting the flu every year, and le'ts say that you take Tamiflu from your Doctor, which is an anti viral drug given at the onset of the flu to help minimize the effects, you are essentially diminishing your bodies ability to fight the virus. Again, this is how we perceive viruses through the lens of Homeopathy. An allopathic doctor may not agree. When you get in the way of the bodies natural fighting power, aka immune system function, by giving it allopathic medications that suppress theses functions then you are essentially lowering the bodies thresholds, and in many cases the virus may not fully "lift" or "leave" the system. This can come in the form of secondary infections such as sinus infections or bronchitis or pneumonia that follow the initial flu infection. It can also mean that the flu becomes a reoccurring virus that you catch every year because your body was not able to lift it on its own, and therefore move through its natural process. Viruses build resistance, they build the system itself. Our bodies are made up of millions of viruses and bacteria, and many of the functions of our bodies happen because of the viruses that built them. When we get in the way of those natural processes those functions cannot fully be developed and we often times end up with reoccurring infections, and or chronic conditions.

Now, sometimes the body needs some help, for example so that you don't develop an infection, or simply to help make you more comfortable as your body moves through the virus. Taking homeopathy during a virus is like giving water to a marathon runner. The marathon runner being your body moving battleing the virus, the water being the remedy. We aren't going to tell the runner to stop, and we certainly don't want to put more obstacles in the runners way (which is essentially what allopathic medications do), we want to support it, and help it get to the finish line.

Some of my favorite homeopathic remedies for the flu are Oscillococcinum, which can be found at most local drug stores. This remedy is widely used in Europe and covers many symptoms that arise with the Flu. I also like to have on hand the remedies Bryonia 30c and 200c, Arsenicum 30c and 200c, Aconite 30c and 200c, Gelsemium 30c and 200c.

A few years ago my daughter woke up in the middle of night struggling to breathe, and had a very high temp. She was maybe 3 years old. She had gone to bed that night completely fine, and woke up this way. She was hysterically crying because her trachea was inflamed due to the onset of the flu virus, and she was struggling to breathe. We were on our way out the door to head to the ER (because the breathing thing was freaking us out) when I remembered the remedy Aconite, which is the best remedy for sudden onset of an illness and fright. I gave her Aconite 200c one dose and we watched and waited. Within 15 minutes she was calm and breathing normally. We headed back to bed. Remedies work! Homeopathy works !

I am here should you need any guidance during this wintery season.

Stay well & warm~

Emily J


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