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The Liver: An Organ of Frustration

All of our organs are connected to, and are affected by certain emotions and stressors that we experience on a daily basis. The liver is one of them. Connected deeply to the emotions of anger and frustrations, the liver, like all organs, will express what we are unwilling to. Are you angry with something, or someone in your life and have yet to process it? Are you unable to process it because you don't feel safe to do so? If left to its own, the liver will process that anger and frustation but might do so in the form of...

*Dry skin or skin issues

*Hot flashes in women

*Digestive issues

*Pain in the liver region


*Extra weight around the middle

*Waking between 1-3am every night

The liver is no different than any organ in that it will process what needs to be processed, but it will do so in a way that will warrent your attention. A key thing to remember is that our liver is one of our main filters of toxins, so it needs all of the help that it can get. It is wise to stop alcohol all together, or to go to one occasional drink, as the liver is already working hard and alochol makes it work even harder. This is especially important if you are over 40 and female. The liver is responsible for drumping excess hormones, so it will show itself if you are already struggling to balance your hormones, and you are living a lifestyle that is not supportive of this organ.

So if you add frequent alcohol, years of birth control (for women), a diet lacking in liver loving foods, a build up of unprocessed anger and frustrations, coupled with daily allopthic meds and lack of exercise and you might find yourself struggling.

Your liver needs you, because let's be real, you can't live without it. Play nice with it, and you might find that some of your physical & mental symptoms and discomforts disappear.

Some herbs that I like to use daily to support my liver are dandelion root and burdock root. There are a slew of homeopathic remedies for the liver, but those should only be shared on a case by case basis.

*Please note that none of this is medical advice nor should it take the place of medical advice from a qualified practitioner. I share all health related information through the lens of energy medicine.


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